Understanding the purchase decision begins with
identifying the difference between consumers and shoppers

Every one of us is a consumer -- we consume certain media; we make a certain amount of money; we live in a certain place, etc. However, we are not all the same type of shopper.

Each of us has categories in which we spend a significant amount of time and money and categories in which we are trying to spend the least amount of time and money. In some categories, we are shopping for ourselves and in some we are fulfilling the needs of others.

Our involvement and engagement in a category as shoppers does not tie neatly to our consumer type. Each individual shopper has different needs, wants, likes and dislikes, so retailers and suppliers need to analyze what decisions are made pre-store and what decisions are made in-store. The more the retailer is in sync with the manufacturer, the better the manufacturer can create a proper media mix both pre-store and in-store, drive trips and increase basket size, quantify the shopper’s decisions, and turn that analysis into a profitable outcome for all.

the consumer and the shopper
Understanding the purchase decision entails the identification of pre-store and in-store decisions ►