Increased information and competition
have created a new retail paradigm

paradigm shift
the good old days

In the good old days of limited competition and information, big media worked to drive pre-store decision making. Mom shopped at the local grocery store and shopped all the aisles; and traditional research and media planning was sufficient to enable big brands to win.

Since then, a paradigm shift has occurred.

challenging present

Today, we are confronted with 24/7 information, millions of products, a fragmented media, and multiple channels and retailers, which has resulted in shoppers increasingly making more decisions later in the purchase process.

In the challenging present over 50% of purchase decisions are made in-store requiring brand differentiation at the point-of-purchase.

As a consequence of this paradigm shift, understanding where the purchase decision is made and developing and activating effective at-home, in-public, and in-store/point-of-purcahse marketing is essential to drive profitability for manufacturers and retailers.

This new paradigm has created complexities that require understanding the purchase decision ►