SMARTREVENUE is dedicated to providing the best combination of people, methods, and technologies to drive differentiated insights, winning strategies, and comprehensive cost-effective solutions.

  • Foundational
  • Multicultural & Multilingual Ethnographic Insights
  • Testing and Audits: Store Control Test, Package Test, Display Test, Hypothesis Testing
  • Navigational Analysis & Heat Mapping
  • Conversion Analysis At Shelf, Category, Store Levels
  • Shopper Segmentation & Linkage to Consumer Segmentation
  • Purchase Decision Hierarchies
  • Drivers of Loyalty Analytics
  • Qualitative:At-Home, On-The-Go, In-Store
  • Consumer Insights: Perceptions, Attitudes, And Preferences
  • Videography: Bringing the Shopper’s Voice To Life
  • Data Integration: Sales, Panel, UPC, Loyalty
  • Retail Strategy: Pre-Store and In-Store Marketing and Merchandising Optimization
  • Marketing & Merchandising Concept Modeling
  • Category Development and Customer-Specific Selling Stories
  • Coordination of Internal and External Resources through Solution Without Walls Partnership Network
  • Activation with Agency Partners: Program Development & Program Analytics (Multicultural & General Population)
  • Quantification of Results