Mobile Handhelds

paradigm shift

Since 2001, SmartRevenue has been committed to the continuous development of the best and most appropriate field research technology solutions. SmartRevenue’s core technology consists of mobile handhelds equipped with proprietary AcWire FieldScout™ software to provide an all-in-one field data collection solution to support differentiated in-store insights.

  • Device-based software and surveys to permit complete portability
  • Rapid equipment deployment
  • Real-time wireless survey programming and modifications
integrated data
  • Open-end voice recording to gain the voice of the shopper
  • Scanning of UPC barcodes, loyalty cards, and sales receipts
custom survey programming
  • Unlimited branching and skipping
  • Randomization and rotation
  • Single response questions
  • Multiple response questions permitting single or maximum responses
  • Numeric and open-end/’other specify’ entries
  • Display of previous responses in question text and/or response
in-house hosting & data support
  • In-house data hosting
  • Real-time data uploads from wireless handhelds to server
  • Web-based viewing of data and running of frequencies
  • Web-based access to open-ended voice recordings
  • Data exports to ASCII