Express Audits & Testing


Because time equals money, SMARTREVENUE’s INSITE™ provides cost-efficient express audits and tests of new and seasonal/short term store formats, media, displays, and shelf sets.

INSITE™ is rapidly deployed and provides real time insights for immediate activation and iteration.

SMARTREVENUE works cooperatively and flexibly with consultants and agencies to develop research plans and metrics to ensure optimized marketing, media, and merchandising.

INSITE™ quantifies:
  • Traffic at the store, display, media, and shelf
    • passed by
    • browsed
    • purchases (including number and type purchased)
    • passers-by
  • Display effectiveness
    • organization
    • findability
    • shopability
    • impact on overall store image
    • awareness and recall
    • drivers of impulsivity, i.e. reminding shoppers to buy needed items
    • shopper inspiration to try new products
  • Media awareness
    • messaging
    • positioning
    • awareness and recall