qualitative ethnography


CONTEXT™ provides exploratory and explanatory insights to better understand who the shopper is and what the shopper does at-home, in-public, and at the point-of-purchase.

exploratory insights
  • Discovery of channel, category, product, and consumer segment behaviors and attitudes
  • Hypothesis generation to identify key questions and concerns
  • Ideation to inform the development of marketing, media, and sales strategies
  • Positioning studies to target the right shopper with the right message, product, and media channel
  • Program initiation to develop and optimize broad-based qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Predictive scenario modeling to reveal the impending needs, anticipated trends, and likely practices of shoppers in light of industry transformations, product innovations, and lifestage changes
explanatory insights
  • Cultural analysis to uncover ethnic, community, and household influencers of decisions
  • Segmentation development and validation based on actual behaviors and attitudes
  • Hypothesis testing and probing to refine and extend current understanding by reconciling points of confusion and uncertainty
  • Evaluation of marketing, media, and sales strategies and implemented programs
  • Usability testing to assess and quantify product practicality and user comprehension
CONTEXT™ methods