food service

SmartRevenue offers insights, strategies, and solutions to the food service industry to better understand their customer and to improve top- and bottom-line performance. Led by John Dranow, co-founder of New England Culinary Institute, SmartRevenue is able serve the following food service sectors:

  • Casual dining
  • Fine dining
  • Fast casual
  • QSR
  • Non-commercial

To enable operators to be truly customer-centric, SmartRevenue quantifies available opportunities by integrating and activating key data sources with best-of-class suppliers working collaboratively.

Food Service Insights
  • Quantified customer traffic
  • Diner satisfaction
  • Brand awareness
  • Pre/post marketing & media studies

Food Service Solutions
  • Operator solutions
    • menu optimization by target segment
    • rationalize and allocate dining space
    • optimizing covers & turns
    • developing food service concepts
  • Manufacturer solutions
    • insight-driven sales leadership
    • integrate cross-retail and foodservice brand building