INI International and SmartRevenue Announce the Creation of the Joint INI-SmartRevenue Brand, Taking Shopper Research in China to New Levels

Guangzhou, China
Stamford, CT, USA

INI International, an innovative marketing service and research agency in mainland China with a strong understanding of the Chinese consumer, and SmartRevenue, a leading provider of shopper insights, strategies, and solutions, have partnered to create a new brand, INI-SmartRevenue focused on Chinese shopper immersion. The INI-SmartRevenue partnership combines an experienced global team with the expertise of local eyes to provide clients worldwide the ability to identify key insights into the Chinese consumers' and shoppers' path to purchase.

Shopper studies are increasingly essential in the China market. Multiple factors at the micro- and macro-economic levels are affecting shoppers' decision-making processes, creating a highly dynamic consumer and shopper landscape requiring innovative approaches and methodologies. With a population of 1.6 billion and a more affluent younger generation, the China market presents a significant growth space for CPG manufacturers and retailers. The increasing sophistication of the Chinese consumer means businesses need to develop local insights-driven strategies to leverage these opportunities.  INI-SmartRevenue offers a highly skilled field force of ethnographers trained in behavioral science and uses qualitative and quantitative ethnographic methods to get at critical point-of-experience KPIs. By understanding the touch-points and drivers along the OmniShopper path to purchase, INI-SmartRevenue can help companies create more effectively targeted pre-store and in-store marketing, merchandising, and sales plans in China. INI-SmartRevenue not only has the capability to uncover valuable insights into local consumer and shopper behavior, but can also translate these insights into visual action plans including displays, product design, and packaging. With its in-house China-based design team, INI-SmartRevenue can activate insights into innovative, customized visual solutions.

This Year, INI-SmartRevenue is presenting a path-breaking syndicated research initiative: Leveraging The New Faces of China: A Consumer-Centric Exploration of the Millennial “Balinghou 八零后” and “Jiulinghou 九零后” Generations In China. This study will provide insights into the changing attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of the increasingly savvy and affluent younger generation of shoppers in China in order to identify key opportunities for brands, products, and retailers.

“Many Balinghou (1980s generation) are quick to point out the generation gap they encounter isn't only between them and their seniors. Because of the speed of change in China, they often have trouble understanding the mindset of their juniors, the Jiulinghou (1990s generation).” – China Daily (2008)

Benefits of Working with INI-SmartRevenue:

  • Work alongside a global team that has conducted over 800 different studies with over 600,000 participants, in 80 categories and 150 retail banners.
  • Cover more than 300 national key cities in China and implement cross-regional projects with the guidance of highly experienced ethnographers trained in social sciences with a deep understanding of shopper behavior.
  • Translate data and insights to optimize your product. From consumer research, to behavioral studies, to design, INI-SmartRevenue brings consumer and shopper insights to life. Leverage insights to create effective product design, displays, and packaging that speak to your shopper and consumer.
  • Transform big data with innovative techniques. Our partnership with VideoMining combines their powerful in-store behavior analytics with our suite of quantitative and qualitative ethnographic methodologies to provide CPG manufacturers and retailers a 360-degree view of shoppers and consumers.

For more information:

SmartRevenue: John Dranow, CEO SmartRevenue / +1 203 733 9156/

INI: Raymond Liang, CEO INI International/ +86 13902281138/

About SmartRevenue

SmartRevenue is your eyes and ears at the point of purchase, experience, and consumption, at-home, in-store, and in-public, anywhere in the world. SmartRevenue has conducted over 800 different studies with over 600,000 participants, in 80 categories and 150 retail banners.

About INI

INI is an innovative marketing service group with consumer insights at its core, to provide clients with high value-added market information and actionable solutions. INI´s data collection covers more than 300 national key cities. It has strategic partnerships with key agencies in multiple locations, which can easily achieve smooth implementation of cross-regional projects.