participant observations and interviews

Shopalongs enable clients to contextualize categories within the whole retail environment. Ethnographers accompany the shopper during the entire shopping trip to provide deep understanding of in-store behaviors and attitudes – from the shopper’s point of view.

Ethnographers observe the shopper’s behaviors as she navigates the store and its aisles, browses categories and displays, and handles products. These behaviors are linked to interview modules, which are conducted before, during, and after the shopping trip. Guided by senior analysts with access to real-time data, ethnographers strategically probe shoppers on key behaviors and attitudes as they become evident to provide exploratory and explanatory insights.

Shopalong insights

  • Navigation
    • store, aisle, shelf patterns
    • heat maps
    • use of aisle and shelf signage
  • Interactions
    • browsing, handling, purchased/put back
    • reading packages and displays; what is read
    • browsing patterns
  • Purchase decisions
    • shopping list use and practices (i.e. specification of category/brand/attributes)
    • findability of products
    • drivers of impulsivity
    • discoverability of new products
  • Brand
    • awareness and recall
    • perceptions, history, and preferences
    • packaging and pricing within the competitive set
    • equity within the category and cross-category
    • media, displays, signage, and promotions
    • stopping & holding power
    • noticability
  • Total basket
    • barriers to purchase
    • closure rates at the store, category, and brand levels