ethnographic observation

ethnographic observation

SmartRevenue’s ethnographic observations utilize the expertise and experience of professional anthropologists to create an innovative shopper insights method. Ethnographic observation methods are designed, executed, and analyzed by SmartRevenue ethnographers working with senior analysts to capture behaviors specific to the channel, category, and display.

Ethnographers observe shopper behaviors to create a complete picture of shoppers’ needs, decision logic, brand, channel/store selection, aisle behavior, etc. and organize those observations into a framework for deciding on practical strategies and tactics.

Observation criteria
SmartRevenue develops observation research plans on the basis of the client's specific research objectives and the specifics of the environment within which research occurs. For in-store research, observation criteria include:
  • How much time does the shopper spend browsing the category?
  • From which direction do shoppers enter the aisle?
  • How many pause and browse?
  • What is the browsing pattern at the shelf? E.g., do they start in the middle, from the left, or from the right side?
  • Do they read product labels?
  • Do they read shelf signage (i.e. price, promotion, etc.)
  • Do they compare with other products? If so, what is the observed basis of comparison (e.g., price, size, brand, features)?
  • How many pick-up and put back products?
  • How long does the shopper interact with the shelf?
  • What is the shopper group configuration? (e.g., with children, friends, parents, spouse, etc.?)
  • In which direction does the shopper exit? (e.g., left, right, toward adjacent aisle, toward perimeter aisle)
  • What are behaviors of non-purchasers?

Each of these behaviors is quantified, enabling the observational protocol to act both as a screener and the driver of a branching questionnaire.

What the shopper does + says + buys

Quantified observations of each shopper are recorded on SmartRevenue’s mobile handhelds and linked to interviews with the shopper.

By integrating observations and interviews, SmartRevenue is able to provide a complex portrait of the shopper that illuminates the consistencies and contradictions of what the shoppers does, says, and buys.

The integration of observational protocols and questionnaires are organized and designed to extract shopper segments, need-states, drivers, and hot-spots.