SmartRevenue provides a range of interview methods to produce insights with quantitative breadth and qualitative depth. To better understand the consumer and the shopper, interview methods are selected and combined based on a client’s specific research objectives to drive differentiated insights and inform winning sales, media, and marketing strategies.

in-store/point-of-purchase aisle intercepts,
entrance/exit interviews,
and shopalongs
  • Channel & retailer choice
  • Financial conversion opportunities
  • Display effectiveness
  • In-store media effectiveness
  • Packaging, messaging, and pricing in the competitive set
online and virtual
  • Pre/post findings linked to point-of-purchase/in-store findings
  • Specialty sample
  • Media, marketing, and sales concept testing
  • Quick quantitative testing
  • Confidential hypothesis testing
  • Concept testing
at-home ethnography and focus groups
  • Category perceptions
  • Product usage habits
  • Family dynamics
  • Cultural analysis and psychographics