SmartRevenue believes that differentiated data requires the integration of all relevant data points with the insights of point-of-purchase flow counting, observation, and interview. To provide differentiated data, SmartRevenue gathers and integrates scans at the point of purchase with syndicated data to create a holistic picture of the consumer, the shopper, and the retail environment.

scans: UPCs, loyalty cards, sales receipts

Equipped with SmartRevenue’s mobile handheld technology, ethnographers can conduct quick and easy scans of UPCs, loyalty cards, and sales receipts in the midst of an interview to integrate shopper behaviors and attitudes with product information, purchase history, and total ring.

The integration of these data points with observations and interviews provides correlated longitudinal insights that are quantified to determine the size of opportunities.

syndicated data: end-to-end activation

Integrating shopper insights with syndicated sales and panel data drives end-to-end shopper activation to focus shopper segmentation, better target demand, optimize media and marketing strategies at-home, in-public, and in-store, and ensure the right offer is made to the right shopper.