In-store/Point of Purchase Interviews

in-store/pop interviews
the voice of the shopper

Interviews are conducted by SmartRevenue ethnographers, who are trained in advanced anthropological field methodologies. Ethnographic observations of individual shoppers are linked to interviews to extract shopper segments, need-states, drivers, and hot-spots. Interviews are conducted using SmartRevenue’s mobile handheld technology that enables ethnographers to conduct complex custom surveys, record open-ended responses, and scan shopper basket UPCs, loyalty cards, and sales receipts.

By integrating observations, surveys, voice recordings, and scans, SmartRevenue is uniquely able to provide clients with the voice of the shopper.

Based on the learning objectives, SmartRevenue conducts interview intercepts in-aisle, at the entrance, and/or at the exit.

in-aisle intercept insights
  • Awareness, perceptions, and beliefs of channel, category, and brand
  • New products: where are they sought? where are they found?
  • Who is the consumer? who is the shopper?
  • Need-states
  • Purchase drivers
  • Trip drivers: channel choice, retailer choice
  • Trip types: stock-up, fill-in, special occasion
  • Out of stock scenarios (i.e. where else will the shopper shop for these needs)?
  • Barriers to trial/purchase
  • Benchmarks: cross-category & cross-channel
entrance interview insights
  • Pre-store media, marketing, and promotion effectiveness
  • Planned category visits, purchases, and spending
  • Household dynamics and habits
exit interview insights
  • Unplanned category visits, purchases, and spending
  • Conversion at the store and category levels
  • Closure rates to quantify missed opportunities
  • Effectiveness of in-store media, displays, and promotions
  • Shopability of store and category
  • Total ring