Focus Groups

focus group interviews

SmartRevenue is an experienced provider of focus group research for consumer insights, testing, and usability using roundtable, IDI, and test kitchen and lab formats.

  • Consumer studies: penetration & awareness; product, retailer, and brand preferences; advertising strategies; media awareness and recall; satisfaction; equity
  • Testing and usability: concept; new product; advertisement; display; packaging

Focus groups provide an effective framework for exploratory research to test and refine hypotheses and drive the development of questionnaires for broad-based in-store/point-of-purchase and online research.


SmartRevenue provides respondents recruited from local lists, online lists and panels, and intercepts, in addition to client-supplied lists. Screeners are developed on the basis of segmentation typing tools and/or other project-specific criteria to ensure properly targeted respondent pools.


SmartRevenue has formed partnerships with best-of-class local and national focus group facilities to provide clients single-source access to a flexible and comprehensive network. SmartRevenue coordinates this network to meet research design questionnaire, sample, and logistical specifications and ensure cost effectiveness and time efficiency.

expertise and experience

Successful focus groups require highly trained and professional moderators. SmartRevenue provides moderators, who possess expertise with focus group techniques including visualization, imaging, and sorting and ranking, as well as experience orchestrating participant dynamics, discouraging inhibitors, eliciting responses creatively, and producing insights strategically.