flow counting

flow counting

Flow counting enables the development of shopper-centric retail environments by quantifying shopper traffic flows, patterns, and behaviors at the store, category, shelf, and display levels.

SmartRevenue provides a precise, robust, flexible, and cost-efficient solution that can be quickly deployed without encumbering customers or their retailer.

Flow counting is conducted by SmartRevenue ethnographers, who are trained in anthropological techniques to unobtrusively observe, discern, and quantify in-store shopper behaviors including

  • Who the shopper is:
    • gender
    • group size
    • cart or basket
    • traffic by day and day-part
  • What the shopper does:
    • from which aisle/category does she enter?
    • browses or passes through aisle?
    • browses or passes by display?
    • to which aisle/category does she exit?

SMARTREVENUE also offers a variety of automated flow counting tools and techniques including video mining, path tracking, and infrared to provide the right tool for the right job.

flow counting insights

  • Closure rates to quantify conversion opportunities at the store, category, aisle and shelf levels
  • Heat maps to identify store hot and cold spots
  • Navigational pattern analysis to:
    • optimize layouts and planograms
    • enhance visibilities
    • improve assortment size and facings
    • increase impulsivity through the use of adjacencies

Linked with ethnographic observation and in-store interviews, flow counting enables clients to know the right merchandising--displays, packaging, promotions, and messaging-–and the right place--shelf, FSD, endcap, etc.--to better target and reach the right shopper.