SMARTREVENUE's quantitative ethnography integrates
multiple quantitative and qualitative methods to
provide differentiated data and drive actionable insights

Flow Counting

Flow counting enables the development of shopper-centric retail environments by quantifying shopper traffic flows, patterns, and behaviors at the store, category, shelf, and display levels

Advanced Analytics

SmartRevenue integrates quantitative ethnography with proven and proprietary data collection methodologies, analytics and modeling, and interpretation and insights developed by Dr. Candace Adams

Ethnographic Observation

SmartRevenue’s ethnographic observations utilize the expertise and experience of professional anthropologists to create an innovative shopper insights method. Ethnographic observations enable clients to know what a shopper does and buys and to understand how and why that might differ from what she says


SMARTREVENUE selects and combines interview methods -- in-store/point-of-purchase, shopalongs, online, at-home, and focus groups -- to enable clients to better understand their consumers and shoppers. By matching the right interview method to the client’s specific research objectives, SMARTREVENUE provides differentiated insights to drive winning marketing, media, and merchandising strategies.


SmartRevenue gathers and integrates UPC barcode, loyalty card, and sales reciept scans at the point of purchase with syndicated and panel data to create a holistic picture of the consumer, the shopper, and the retail environment.