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SmartRevenue & Anthropology

SmartRevenue was co-founded by anthropologists, who understand that our economy is becoming increasingly international, products and services are growing in number and diversity, and consumers are more skeptical and highly informed than ever before. SmartRevenue has from its inception pioneered the use of ethnographic research as a business and public policy tool. SmartRevenue believes in anthropology’s unique ability to observe human behavior, to comprehend historical trends while analyzing the everyday, and to interpret large volumes of data - it is the discipline most in demand for understanding the 21st Century economy. SmartRevenue’s mission is to provide critical solutions to our changing world, creating ways to increase shopper delight as well as client revenue.

SmartRevenue Ethnographers

  • participate in a nation-wide community of graduate student and professional social scientists
  • gain extensive real-world experience working with professional anthropologists and industry experts
  • learn skills that are in demand in the 21st century economy
  • utilize cutting-edge technology
  • enrich professional resumes
  • earn highly competitive wages
  • achieve opportunities for advancement
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